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Gotha Commercial Claims Adjuster

Damages to your business, property, or commercial enterprises can have devastating impacts on your business operations. Whether your company has been a victim of storm damage, fire, theft, or if you have experienced a total loss, then a dedicated Gotha commercial claims adjuster from Keys Claims Consultants, LLC is the first call you should make.

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When dealing with property damage and the resulting insurance claims, it seems apparent that you would reach out to your commercial insurance company for assistance and support in analyzing losses and obtaining compensation. However, the most obvious move is not always the best.

Commercial insurance claims processed with the support of a public commercial claims adjuster versus filing alone can result in claim payouts up to 747% higher, according to the Gotha Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability. Your insurance companies are in business, just like you, and are motivated to improve their profitability by reducing their claim payouts. The company adjusters that they dispatch to assist you are their employees, and thus motivated to maintain their employment and act in the best interests of their employer.

A public adjuster, however, is employed by you, meaning that they are not working to protect the insurance company, but working to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the claims process. We assist with policy and benefit analysis, reviewing claimed damage and related damage, and negotiating with the insurance companies to ensure you get your rightful compensation.

Our adjusters can handle the broad spectrum of commercial claims like condominium associations, hospitals, apartment complexes, shopping centers and malls, factories, industrial parks, retail stores, and other commercial establishments. If you are dealing with a business insurance claim, have had your claim denied, or don’t believe you received rightful compensation based on your policy and contract with the insurance company, our motivated experts are ready to assist you.

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Common Commercial Insurance Claims

Gotha Commercial Claims Adjuster Canva Crop businessman giving contract to woman to sign 300x200While many businesses may never have to file an insurance claim for their commercial property, that is no relief to those who do. Dealing with an insurance claim, on top of handling the issue itself, can be an incredible burden, and it’s not surprising that many organizations rely on their insurance company for support.

As your Gotha commercial claims adjusters, we at Keys Claims Consultants, LLC are motivated and dedicated to handling all aspects of your commercial insurance claim, from analyzing your policy to assessing damage and negotiating a rightful, fair payout for any damages or related expenses incurred as a result of the covered event.

We effectively and accurately assess many different claim types for our commercial clients, including:

Burglary and Theft Claims

commercial theft/vandalismBurglary and theft insurance claims cover loss of property by theft, burglary, or larceny. There can be many different impacts of theft or burglary, from the actual lost merchandise, money, or items to any physical facility damage that may have occurred during the commission of the crime. This may be damage to doors and windows, locks, or security systems, as well as other fixtures and fittings throughout your facility. We help you get full compensation for covered business losses by thoroughly reviewing both your insurance policy, your coverage levels, and the full extent of loss and damage that occurred. This careful analysis allows us to effectively support your claim when presenting our findings to your insurance company during the compensation request process.

Fire & Smoke Damage Claims

Gotha Commercial Claims Adjuster fire insured losses 300x131Fire on your premises is a serious matter, often resulting in serious damages. Even if the fire was quickly and effectively contained, damages from smoke, water, and chemicals used to contain the fire could present further complications. Fire at a condominium, office complex, or timeshare can mean that multiple individuals or businesses may be impacted. They may also result in downtime for your business. We fully assist you in your fire damage claim, ensuring you get adequate compensation to cover the replacement, repair, and reconstruction of your commercial property, and any other related damages or loss.

Weather Damage Claims

hurricane storm damageIn Gotha, we are often at the mercy of our environment. Extreme weather is a common occurrence, and if your commercial building is impacted by storms, hail, hurricanes, lightning, wind, or other weather-related damages, we can help. From assisting with repairs to ensuring you are making the right choices regarding your covered expenses and limits, we are dedicated to ensuring you are making smart decisions throughout your claim and recovery process. Whether the damage to your property was cosmetic or extensive, we ensure every loss is accurately and correctly accounted for so you can apply for full and rightful compensation when submitting your claim.

Complete Loss & Complex Claims

timeshare claims adjustingSometimes, a business can suffer a devastating and complete loss of their commercial property, machines, and inventory. This could result from a fire, weather-related event, or even collapse. When you have experienced a large commercial loss, you have quite a bit more to lose if your claim isn’t handled properly. At Keys Claims Consultants, LLC, we are experienced large loss claim adjusters. We have worked with many complex insurance claims, getting our clients the support and insight they need to receive accurate, comprehensive insurance payouts. Whether you own multiple impacted properties, have extensive damage, or just want to learn more about how you can get fair, appropriate compensation for your commercial insurance claims, we can help.

Get the Payout You Deserve

Insurance adjusters exist for multiple reasons. While insurance company staff adjusters are there to ensure you are reporting damages accurately and to protect the interests of the insurance company from fraud or overestimation of damages, public insurance adjusters are there to protect your interests in the claims process.

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Insurance policies are complex and complicated, and even if you fully understood what was included in your policy when you signed up, it is unlikely that you will remember all of the fine print and details when you actually need to file a claim. That is where our public commercial claims adjusters come in.

We not only fully analyze your insurance policy to ensure you are taking advantage of all of the benefits it provides; we also thoroughly assess the damage to your property. It can be easy to overlook internal structure or related damages that may not be immediately evident. While insurance company adjusters are not motivated to uncover the full scope of repairs, we are, because we are your advocate throughout this process.

An insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company, and it affords you rights while defining limitations. We help you make sure you are doing nothing to jeopardize your ability to get full compensation by fulling explaining your coverage, limits, and other benefits. Our goal is to ensure that they are keeping up their end of your agreement.

Let’s Talk- Free Consultation

Gotha Commercial Claims Adjuster kc logoDealing with a business interruption or loss is bad enough, but many still find it easier than dealing with the insurance company. Business owners that choose to enlist the assistance of a Gotha, FL commercial claims adjuster not only receive many multiples of what the insurance companies would have offered them directly, they also are relieved of the burden of paperwork, negotiation, and can be confident that every aspect of their loss is effectively and accurately assessed and submitted for compensation.

If you want an aggressive, motivated, and dedicated public commercial claims adjuster fighting for you, Keys Claims Consultants, LLC is the clear choice.

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