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Florida Independent Adjuster

Florida Independent Adjuster Canva Crop businessman giving contract to woman to sign 300x200Insurance companies can come empty-handed when big catastrophic events hit a particular place. When this happens, different homeowners and businessmen might file their claims all at the same time. It would be best if you accommodated all these policyholders at once before they could even complain about your company for being irresponsible.

Your best choice would be hiring an independent adjuster. Here at Keys Claims Consultants, LLC, we can provide you with trained and professional independent adjusters. They can work on your behalf as consultants or make them go on the field to evaluate the claims.

Our independent insurance adjusters are usually hired by our past clients as needed by their respective situations. When you are in a surge of demand for adjusters, but your company’s employees are all fully occupied, you need the expertise and skills acquired by our independent adjusters.

Your great need for a trustworthy and knowledgeable individual who can represent your insurance services with the utmost professionalism and loyal motives is now answered. We can handle the situation meeting or even exceeding the level of your expectations.

Contact Keys Claims Consultants, LLC at (844) 979-3223 and start discussing your situation with a Florida independent adjuster now.

Services Our Independent Adjuster Can Provide

Florida Independent Adjuster pexels andrea piacquadio 3823487 300x200Since independent adjusters are technically freelancers and work on a consulting basis, they are hired on circumstances like when you don’t have a claims employee in a geographic area where claims are filed, your table is overloaded with claims, or you lack an adjuster with experience in a certain type of claim. Now, these are some of the claims that our independent adjusters can solve:

1. Casualty Claims

Our independent adjusters will evaluate the situation, gather facts, and determine a probable settlement for both insurers and insured. Casualty claims primarily deal with the losses related to persons who experienced the damage and other legal liability imposed on the insured for such injuries and interruption. We can offer you a dedicated contact to the process at hand. From inception to completion of the claim, we are ready to respond to all questions and submit reports whenever needed and necessary.

2. Property Claims

Property claims can be complicated with many factors to consider and requirements to fulfill. These are reports or pieces of evidence submitted to your insurance company proving the damages—extent and amount accounted—done on your property. The property claims process can come with an in-depth evaluation and assessment that you need an independent adjuster that can handle the complexities tailing the claim. Our independent adjusters are familiar with the details and possible misconceptions common in a complex property claim.

3. Business Interruption Claims

This kind of claim is important in the recovery of business establishments affected by a catastrophe. It covers financial loss caused by interruption of business operations after a disaster damages business sites and equipment. It includes prevention to access the damaged facility and sometimes even the loss of supply of goods and services necessary for the business to function. When you have an independent adjuster hired immediately, we can systematically evaluate and account for the data for the settlement. Our adjusters know that this claim does not normally cover monetary loss relating to the general decline in demand following a certain disaster.

4. Workers Compensation

This refers to the system of laws charting specific benefits that injured employees are entitled to, which includes the processes in obtaining the benefits. It would be best if you had independent adjusters that completely understand the worker’s compensation laws in Florida. We will make sure that your insurer will receive fixed financial awards without having any problem with their employer. We can help your insurance company protect the employees affected by the disaster without sacrificing the budget you intend to stretch to the insurer.

Trusted Florida Independent Adjusters

Florida Independent Adjuster pexels john guccione wwwadvergroupcom 3531895 300x200Our independent adjuster adjusts claims on behalf of you, the insurer. However, they do not directly become your employee. Despite this, we assure you that our independent adjusters uphold the integrity of a licensed professional. We respect the vision and mission of your insurance company.

We, at Keys Claims Consultants, LLC, know that the moment you hire an adjuster to represent on your behalf, we bring the name of your company. Consequently, we should be able to retain the same respect given by your clients to you. Our years of serving numerous insurance companies have put to the line of trusted agencies providing clean insurance claim processes.

Our independent adjusters have completed the necessary license requirements of the state. They are all trained and well-experienced. The result of their dedicated work in evaluating and managing insurance claims is remembered by all of our previous clients.

Talk for What It’s Worth

Florida Independent Adjuster kc logoHere at Keys Claims Consultants, LLC, there is no greater fulfillment than helping colleagues and individuals who are at incoming peril. As a bona fide insurance company, you need all the help you could get to remain steadfast in your field of service, accompanied with equal passion and professionalism.

Contact Keys Claims Consultants, LLC at (844) 979-3223 and start discussing your situation with a Florida independent adjuster now.